AAOL Seasons have 10 weeks of competition, divided into two 5 week round robins. Teams will be divided into divisions of approximately 6 teams. After 5 weeks teams will be promoted or relegated into different divisions depending on performance. Teams can join a waiting list to enter the AAOL mid-season if a spot presents itself. 


Matches are played every Saturday night at 7PM AEDT, with rescheduling available.

  • May 18th: All signups for Season 10 open

  • May 31st: Free Agent signups for Season 10 close

  • June 5th: Full team signups close

  • June 13th: Season 9 begins

  • July 18th: Season 10 Stage 1 Ends



Signups for Season 10 are currently open! Don't forget to keep an eye out for other tournaments on our Discord.

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Amateur Oceanic Esports 2020

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