Amateur Oceanic Esports

AOE is a community and tournament organiser in Oceania, running the AAOL and the Rise Up Invitational, as well as other Community Events. AOE has been in operation for over a year, and serves over 800 active players. AOE Tournaments provide a place for players of any skill level to play and compete in a supported environment. 

AOE also broadcasts matches on Twitch. If you'd like to help out, check out our Opportunities.

The AAOL is Oceania's largest independent Overwatch tournament, with over 500 players. It's open to players of any SR with or without a team.

Ascent is OCE's  tournament for teams to prove their mettle in a competitive environment. Open to teams of any SR, Ascent has a six week group stage followed by one or two weeks of playoffs. Teams compete for cash prizes.

AOE runs a variety of community events on its Discord, including PUGs and Overwatch special game mode tournaments such as Lucioball.

AOEsports is sponsored by MyRepublic GAMER™

Amateur Oceanic Esports 2020

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