Divide. Subjugate.


Conquest Clash is a brand new VALORANT tournament from AOEsports, designed to provide players with regular casual competition. Anyone can sign up to play in the weekly Friday night matches, playing a best of three match each week at 7pm AEDT and competing in a round robin bracket against everyone in their division.


Brackets and tournament info will be organised in the official AOEsports discord server. Even if you don’t have a team, you can sign up to our free agent program.

Conquest Clash


  • Dates: 5th February – 6th March
  • Participation: Team and individual signups. No skill limits.
  • Format: Divisional round robin brackets

Teams will be sorted into divisions based on their rank, and then will compete in a five-week-long round robin bracket, playing matches every Friday night at 7pm AEDT for five weeks.


  • Thursday 14th January: Full Team and Free Agent signups open.
  • Tuesday 26th January: Free Agents signups close.
  • Friday 29th January: Full Team signups close.
  • Friday 5th February: Week 1
  • Friday 12th February: Week 2
  • Friday 19th February: Week 3
  • Friday 26th February: Week 4
  • Friday 6th March: Week 5

Signing up

Take part in the action

Signups closed

How to take a valid screenshot

All players must be ranked to sign up to Conquest Clash. In order to prove their rank, players must submit a screenshot which displays both their act rank and their riot tag.
To take the screenshot from within Valorant, open the Career page from the main menu, select the Act Rank tab, and then choose Episode 1 Act 3. Then with this page still open, open the Friends menu on the right hand side of the screen and hover over your Riot tag with your mouse cursor, before taking the screenshot (either with Print Screen or any other method of your choosing).