Signups for Season 6 of the AAOL open now!

What is the AAOL?

The Amateur Australian Overwatch Ladder is Oceania's largest independent tournament, entirely for amateurs! It is a long running, seasonal competition open to players of any skill rating purely to provide fun, easily accessible matches to all. Players with or without a team, from bronze to grandmaster can all sign up and be matched with or against players of similar skill every week.

The AAOL was set up to provide amateur players the same opportunities that are usually only available to the best of the best. Tournaments and competitions are few and far between in Oceania, so the AAOL is designed to fill that gap - becoming the equivalent of your local football or soccer club. Anyone can sign up and play, and our specially tailored free agent program creates new teams out of free agents, providing them with support and coaching.

New Changes for Season 6

As we enter our sixth season, here are some things that will be changing in the AAOL.

A New Format

Once again we are changing up the format of the AAOL. For Season 5 we attempted something new, transitioning from a division-based system into a ladder-based system. This saw mixed results, but one key detriment that stood out from Season 5 was a regular, large amount of matches being repeated. This is something we wanted to change for Season 6, so we have moved back towards a division-based system, but with some ladder elements throughout!

Like Season 5, teams in Season 6 will initially be ranked by their average SR and placed into a ladder. Unlike Season 5 however, this ladder will be split into groups of six or seven teams. These groups will then play a five week round robin bracket, forming the rotation for the tournament. Every five weeks new teams will be able to sign up to the AAOL while old teams will be given the chance to drop out. Returning teams will be promoted or relegated up and down the ladder based on their performance during the previous rotation, and then groups will be formed again for the next rotation.

This new system will allow much more flexibility with cancelled or forfeited matches, while also presenting a more robust, stable ladder.

New Rules

With a new season comes new rules, and here are the major rule changes that you need to know about:

  • Each team must have a minimum of 6 registered players, with a maximum of 10. Coming off the back of Season 5 we have decided to reduce the number of players on each team down from 12. This will reduce the amount of administration necessary for our mod team, as well as preventing teams from loading up with extra players that are purely used for substitutes.

  • At any point during the Season, teams may change their roster, but all new players must be eligible to join as per Section 3. We have removed: and their SR may only be 200 above the highest player on their team as of the previous week’s roster. Due to the low competitive nature of the AAOL we have decided to remove this rule to allow teams greater freedom with roster changes.

  • Roster changes must be communicated to and validated by, AOE. This rule has been removed due to the changes made to the rule above rendering it unnecessary.

All rule changes can be viewed in this copy of the AAOL Season 6 Tournament Rules and Information (Shown Edits).

Signing Up

Anyone can sign up to Season 6 of the AAOL, from free agents to full teams, bronze players to grandmaster. Free agent players will be collected and placed into their own teams based on similar SRs and matching hero pools. Free agents are expected to dedicate time to practicing with their team each week, as well having fun playing together regardless of their skill. You can read up more on our free agent program here.

To sign up:

  1. All players must read through the AAOL Season 6 Tournament Rules and Information available here.

  2. All players are required to join the official AOE Discord server here.

  3. Free agents can sign up here individually or in a group of up to five players here.

  4. Full teams of at least six players can sign up via the AAOL Battlefy page here.

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