Introducing Season 5...

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

We have created a short little survey to help us improve the AAOL and AOE, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill it out (linked below). This will help us improve how we run things for Season 5.

Well… that’s it for Season 4. It sure has been a crazy ride - what a journey, am I right? From 30 players to over 500… from just 4 teams to a staggering 60… not even my wildest of dreams could have predicted how this venture would have turned out. So I wanted to say thank you. For without you guys, the players, none of this would have happened. To those of you that have joined us along the way, welcome! We hope you make some friends and have fun playing Overwatch. To the original crew that has been here since the beginning, my thoughts go out to you. You have seen us grow and change, and evolve into the form we are today. So to everyone - thank you. You have borne through many a catastrophe - but also many a triumph. We’ve travelled from a time where you could still make third place even after a season of losses, to the successes (and failures) of the present. Together we have taken a half-baked idea developed in the head of a high-school student who should’ve been doing his science into an incredible community that is only going to keep going up. So onwards I say, to the future! To bigger and better things - and to never losing this awesome community.

- Will

The AAOL Season 5

For Season 5 we have gone back to the drawing board and have decided to make some changes to the core processes of the AAOL. These decisions were made because we are always working to provide a welcoming and friendly introduction into the Overwatch scene for casual players. With this motivation at heart, we have decided to move the AAOL towards low-pressure casual matches, with the idea of providing matches for anyone who wants one. Don’t worry though, for those of you that are looking for a bit more competitiveness, scroll down for an exciting new announcement.

  • A new name. For Season 5 the AAOL is getting a rebrand! Henceforth the AAOL shall now be known as… the Amateur Australian Overwatch Ladder.

  • A new structure. The next major change that we are making to the AAOL is a shift in structure from distinct, division based seasons, to an ongoing ladder that will continue indefinitely. Teams will be ranked against each other on this ladder, and move up and down based on their match results. New teams will be added every three weeks while returning teams will have the option to drop out. This structure will allow teams to participate for as long or short as they like - they are only committed to three weeks at a time.

  • A new format. When teams enter the AAOL for the first time, we will assign a rank to them based on their average SR and the average SRs of other teams already in the tournament. Every week teams will alternate between playing the team above them and playing the team below them. If a team defeats the team above them, they get to take their spot, and thus move up the ladder. If however a team defeats the team below them, they defend their position. This system is designed to be a low pressure style competition - over a few weeks teams will naturally achieve the rank that they should be at, and there is a clear association between improving and climbing the ranks.

  • A new schedule. This new structure will be run as one ongoing tournament without a definite ending. While we might occasionally hold breaks from tournament play, there are no set seasons or stages. Sign ups however will be split into three week chunks. New teams will be able to sign up at any time they like, but will only be introduced into the tournament every three weeks. Old teams will be required to confirm their participation in the next three weeks of tournament play, and will be removed from the tournament if they don’t confirm. This allows teams to take their own breaks, and it won’t punish the tournament if teams are unable to continue playing.

  • A new ruleset. The rules for Season 5 have been rewritten to emphasise a casual, show-up-and-play style of tournament. While the majority of the rules are the same, teams won’t have to jump through as many hoops or fill in as many dotted lines.

Season 5 aims to be a tournament that is available for the casual gamer - anyone can sign up to play, and players are expected to enjoy their matches over trying to win. We are trying to make it simple to play in with low pressure matches - aimed at teams and players who just want to play some Overwatch.

Free Agents

As always, players can sign up to Season 5 as either full teams or free agents (either in groups or as individuals). Players who sign up as free agents will be collected into teams every six weeks, and will be assigned a dedicated mentor and coach. Immediately after being formed into teams, free agents will be given a few weeks to grow and improve together. After three weeks they will be entered into the AAOL. The aim of this program is to help new players improve and learn together, and to help experienced players find new teams and friends to play with.

Introducing ASCENT

Alongside the launch of Season 5 of the AAOL, we are excited to announce our brand new tournament Ascent. Ascent is a six week tournament aimed at amateur players who want to test their mettle against other teams at their skill level in a more competitive environment. The goal of this tournament is to offer amateur players a more dedicated and serious option to the AAOL. Ascent will run on Friday nights while the AAOL will continue uninterrupted on Saturdays, allowing teams to sign up to one or both of the tournaments independently.

  • The structure. Teams that sign up to Ascent will participate in a 4 to 6 week long Swiss bracket (the length will depend on the number of participants). The final week will be a single elimination playoffs bracket between the top four teams of the swiss bracket. Teams in the playoffs may need to play multiple matches a night.

  • The format. Teams that sign up to Ascent will be sorted into divisions based on their team’s average SR. These divisions will depend on the number of participants that sign up, but will be loosely based around Overwatch’s skill levels.

  • Signups. As Ascent focuses more on competitive integrity than balanced matches, it will only be open to full premade teams as we believe free agent teams will be more suited to the AAOL instead. Once free agent teams have been together for a while however they are welcome to sign up as a team. There is no SR limit for Ascent, either low or high.

  • Prizes. Each Division will have a prize pool, with higher divisions having higher prize pools. More details will be coming out in the coming weeks.

Ascent is designed to be a more competitive tournament available for amateurs. It aims to increase the number of opportunities for players of all skill ranges and offer medium pressure matches while still providing matches for any who desire them.

Schedule (key dates)

Here are the key dates that you need to about Season 5 of the AAOL and Ascent:

  • Wednesday 12th September: Signups for Ascent and Season 5 open

  • Sunday 22nd September: Signups for Ascent and Season 5 close

  • Friday 5th October: Week 1 of Ascent

  • Saturday 6th October: Week 1 of Season 5

  • Friday 9th November: Ascent playoffs

Sign ups

Sign ups for Ascent and Season 5 of the AAOL will open on Wednesday the 12th of September. Full teams will be able to sign up to both tournaments through their relevant Toornament pages which will be released on the day. Free agents will be able to sign up through the official AOE website

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