What's in a Free Agent?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Signups for the next three weeks of the AAOL close this Saturday 24th, and if you’re a free agent, this is your last chance to sign up for another six weeks! Here is a breakdown of our free agent program:*

Signups for the AAOL are open to both full teams and individuals (called free agents). Free agents can sign up in groups of up to 5 members (full teams are any group of 6 or more players) at any time. Every six weeks the free agents that haven’t found a team since they signed up are then collected into teams based on their SR, availabilities and dedication. Don’t worry if you feel like you aren’t good enough - anyone of any skill or dedication level can sign up - there is a place for everyone!

These teams (called free agent teams) are then assigned a manager to help guide them through the process of becoming a fully-functioning team. They are also aided in finding coaches and other resources to help their training. Free agent teams are usually expected to scrim once a week outside of matches, but some teams may feel like they want to practice more - any amount of practice is fine!

For the first three weeks of a free agent team’s life the team isn’t entered into any AOE run tournaments. This is intended to let the teams work themselves out and get some practice as a functioning unit. After three weeks of just practice, the teams are then entered into the AAOL. After three more weeks of tournament play, the team is then given the option to disband or continue as an independent team. Several successful teams and organisations have been formed through this program, including Junkeroos, No Mercy and Fat 11.

The free agent program is intended to help players join teams where they can find friends and have fun playing Overwatch. Players can put as much dedication into a team as they would like, but all players are expected to work together and contribute. Our managers help teams work together, but also act as judges of any disputes or issues, to ensure that the team environment is always positive and friendly.

During the six weeks while free agents are waiting to be assigned to a team, we also add free agents to a database that teams can use to recruit players. Additionally, players can always use our #recruitment discord channels to look for a team - there are plenty of teams out there for all skill levels!

All players are required to read the official AAOL Season 5 rules, available here.*

To sign up as a free agent, head over to https://www.aoesports.com.au/aaol-signups.*

To sign up as a group of free agents, make sure you enter the same code in the Group Sign Up Name!

* Season 5 of the AAOL has officially ended. You can instead sign up to Season 6.

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