Rise Up Invitational Season 1

Rise Up Invitational Season 1 was an invite-only tournament featuring eight of Oceania's best up-and-coming teams who battled it out over a month. It went from the 19th of August to the 17th of September 2017

The 7 week round robin determined the top four team who then proceeded to playoffs. 


1st: PIXL Esports

2nd: Exsto Gaming

3rd: Twisted Vision

4th: Cascade


Rise Up Season 1 featured:

  • Twisted Vision

  • Exsto Gaming

  • Dignity

  • MAWF Black

  • PIXL Esports

  • Paradigm Shift

  • Surge Esports

  • Cascade


Rise Up Map Pool

In the Round Robin, all 4 maps were played in each match, with a tiebreaker on Nepal if necessary. Additionally, after Lijiang Tower, the maps was be determined by the loser of the previous map.

For playoffs, matches were be Bo5.

The map pool matched the Overwatch Open Division, to avoid forcing teams to practice too many different maps. 

Rise Up Broadcast

The Rise Up invitational broadcast matches every Sunday and Monday night on the AOE Twitch Channel. Matches were covered by our talented broadcast team of experienced casters, streamers and observers. 

Four matches were broadcast per week.  

AOEsports is sponsored by MyRepublic GAMER™

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